Change a Life. Change your Heart.

Love4Mia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps people change their hearts by providing service and financial support for medically challenged children, their families, and support for bereaved families.

The Love4Mia foundation lives in memory of Mia McDonald, a heart transplant recipient, whose young life was cut short on her Make-A-Wish® trip to Disney World®. In addition to the two days of service, the foundation is excited to begin offering academic scholarships to graduating seniors and an annual angel mom event designed to support families through the grieving process.

Mia's Story

Mia McDonald was adored by her family; and the center of their lives. She received the most precious gift, a new heart, when she was four months old. Her precious donor heart was very much at home in Mia for four years. Mia's donor heart was given to her by a beautiful little baby boy named Jacob. We love him and are so grateful for the most selfless gift they gave to our family.

Mia did really well as a transplant recipient, and had a beautiful childhood despite the many doctor visits. Mia loved playing with her sister and two brothers, dancing, and being silly. She loved chocolate "chockit" and had an affinity for the color purple. She always chose the "pool pool" one when given the chance.

Mia also loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and decided meeting Minnie was her first pick of wishes. The day after she arrived in Florida on her Make-A-Wish trip, she became ill and was taken to the local hospital. Sadly, Mia’s tiny little heart stopped beating while in the cath lab at that hospital. She never made it to Disney World, and her family had to say goodbye to their perfect little girl there in Florida.

Mia was the happiest of children and brought so much light to others. She was truly an angel in our home who endeared herself to all. Her family misses her every minute of every day. Every year for her birthday and angel day her family tries to keep that love alive by showing love to others in Mia's honor. If you want to participate in #love4mia, do an act of service today, or something that shows love for someone else. Share and post with the hastag #love4mia.


#love4mia ideas from past years


During a #love4mia service project at the hospital, one of Mia’s transplant recipient friends surprised them with a #love4mia act of kindness of their own. They donated a wagon to the hospital in honor of Mia. Anyone who has stayed/lived in a hospital knows how crucial these wagons are! The Mia wagon will now help many children leave the hospital, and that is a very wonderful thing!

Mia had so many supporters during her stay at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Mia waited for the call that a donor heart had become available for 4 months, and during that time, she received so much love and support. A local youth group from her Washington community gathered together on #love4mia day to build equipment for the Children’s Hospital therapy unit.

Thanks to a generous donation from Banyan, Mia’s family was able to donate iPads to Mia’s preschool. Mia loved her preschool, and her little brother was attending the same preschool when the iPads were donated.

Many #love4mia acts of service involve charity work for local hospitals. From dropping off baby blankets and toys, serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, and prizes for a blood draw, many items have been donated over the years in honor of sweet Mia.